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  • Lovely, Dark, Deep

    Lovely, Dark, Deep

    From the legendary literary master, winner of the National Book Award and New York Times bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates, a collection of thirteen mesmerizing stories that maps the eerie darkn...

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  • The Falls: A Novel

    The Falls: A Novel

    It is 1950 and, after a disastrous honeymoon night, Ariah Erskine's young husband throws himself into the roaring waters of Niagara Falls. Ariah, "the Widow Bride of the Falls," begins a relentless...

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  • I'll Take You There

    I'll Take You There

    "Anellia" is a young student who, though gifted with a penetrating intelligence, is drastically inclined to obsession. Funny, mordant, and compulsive, she falls passionately in love with a brillian...

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